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Where's the Green?

There's a lot of blue here and a suspicious absence of Wildcat Green. But when our new magazine launched, by alumni for alumni, we were mostly sensitive  to life after Westminster - after graduation, off-campus, at night, or even out of town. So we adopted the photo you see here as our emotional theme - flying high and far away from the school while remembering where we came from.

Join Us at the Magazine

This magazine is not a newsletter or a social media blog. Our project is pursuing a real magazine, as a curated, collaborative creation of the enormous amount of talent and experiences in our alumni community.

Alumni are also, of course, involved intimately with non-alumni as well who have become important parts of our lives as family, teachers, influencers, etc., so we also strongly encourage that part of our community to be involved with the magazine as our featured subjects and content collaborators.

Join or start an Editorial Team for Wildcat Alumni Magazine.

We are in the process of finding volunteer Wildcat alumni who can join and grow the project during the next three to six months, especially in these ways:

Become a community producer: 

  • This involves helping to create a subgroup of the alumni by helping connect a set of class years. For example, work with alumni in the years 2000 through 2010, or 1980 through 1990.
    You may also suggest to us a community that is defined differently by you (you'll know why it makes special sense). Even more interesting, yes?

  • As a community producer, discover, propose and help bring the magazine ideas and interests, plus potential content and collaborations, from alumni in your group

  • Hang out with other community producers and our project managers to help plan the content of upcoming magazine issues and the publication frequency

Become a technical producer: create content!

As a technical producer, help to bring our content to a high quality standard whether through editing, support, or techniques.

Volunteer, or contribute content, as convenient

If you want to dive in on a case by case basis, that's great, and it will encourage others to do likewise and help us move and grow faster. 

Practical stuff:

Who can get the magazine, and how -- Because it will begin as a volunteer effort, it is free to all alumni. The "Wildcat Alumni Magazine" will be entirely digital, which means we can publish in all digital formats of content contributed by the alumni creators. Articles, reviews, interviews, and original works can range across all text, audio and visual presentation options.

We are excited to invite content from any individual alumni, and equally excited to have members come on board who have a community they can facilitate as a producer.

Contact Us: 

Let us know how we can reach you or others that you recommend, to join the project and help it grow. A very fast and easy way to let us know that you want to be a producer is to use the Contact form here or join the facebook group -- Wildcat Alumni Magazine --created especially for communicating with each other between issues and sharing ideas about what is interesting to alumni for the magazine to cover. Facebook Messenger will let you show up directly to the project managers to let us know if you would like to produce and/or have specific content to offer.

Spread the word: 

We will not assume that every alumnus wants to see or help make the magazine. But if you are interested, please share your interest with some alumni that you know of.

Thank you!  We believe, and want, that the magazine will evolve creatively, and highlight the alumni-to-alumni interactions in a compelling way. 

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