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Issue 3: The Creativity Issue



This Issue of Wildcat is inspired by the saying, “the best way to predict the future is to make it.”


Education for Change

Around 1972, Clark Howard (W’73) started a volunteer tutoring program for kids who didn’t have the same advantages as Westminster students. The program grew beyond Westminster and continued for years. The program benefited the kids and the tutors alike.


Robert Bell Wilkins

Dedicated to childhood education, Robert is a first responder and determined warrior in the fight against the structural inequality that makes up so much of social injustice.


Spencer Gordon

With business as his main medium, Spencer zeroes in on collaboration as the ultimate technique of his craft.


Stephen Wolf

For this longtime designer and increasingly activist artist, the story is not about using his life to make art, but using art to make his life.


Kevin Kaufman

Writing and directing from New York, Kevin drives hit tv and film production turning real stories into compelling shows about people operating outside of the norms.


Michael McBay

In the super-competitive world of commercial pop music, Michael shepherds new work of artist-groups, from idea to maturity.


Kaki King's Thing

World domination is a pretty good gig, when you’ve got both the chops to pull it off, and the axes for the chops.

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