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Issue 2: The Community Issue



Communities – How we break through together, to build forward better.


Scott Morris

60,00 Organizations nationally have followed Atlanta native Scott Morris '72's lead, but meanwhile he is the single most transformative leader in Tennessee.


Michelle Purdy

Investigative Interviewer Michelle Purdy published a profound new view of Westminster. We flip the script and get an open look at her. With Corliss Denman ‘73.


Kemie Nix

The First Internet – In a world of divisive social media, shared books conquer culture, time and space, just like before. With Kemie Nix.


Black and White in Color

Two uncommon personal journals look back on a common history of Georgia's culture war. With Pete Candler and Shirley Thompson.


Show Me

Two storytellers and parents, one persevering and one on a comeback, connect and get more than they bargained for. With Rob Kutner and Allison Garwood.


Family Values

Making what matters count and making it lasting, in the business of being in business. With Jerome Russell and Kelsey Russell.


A Higher Education

Needing a bigger tent, and what it takes now to get it. With Wanda Ward ‘72

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