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From the Editors...

0104 - From the Editors

Reach out, come in, and take over for a while.

A publication by alumni for alumni, like ours, gets a pretty large community in which to discover people, passions, and predicaments that get more interesting when we see the ubiquitous or the unique.

This fourth issue of WAM evolved into looking at how those stepping forward went down not

existing or traditional paths, but instead new or different ones, whether that be lifestyle,

professional life, or the inventions and reinventions that we see in the wake of COVID. The

roads not normally taken are a source of uniqueness and, of course, lessons in life - possibly

inspiration as well.

Meanwhile, nothing is more ubiquitous among alumni than the fact that they graduated! Our magazine started out with a class that is looking at one of its final “official” reunions – 1972. But it’s clear that in our current times, the classes facing the most mystery, complexity, and personal challenges are the newest classes, Wildcats now in college.

Fanning out from Westminster to any number of great schools across the country means that collegiate alumni have potentially the single best opportunity to report on the way our culture is preparing to face the future, one of unprecedented speed of change.

With this issue, Number 4, we are wrapping up the first year of Wildcat magazine. Our top immediate ambition now is to expand our team by having an All-Collegiate issue produced entirely by collegians.

Along with that, we expect that the vast range of digital talent out there among us can take the next issue to a more varied and interesting level of multi-media experience.

On that second point, with so much routinely happening 24x7 in digital and social platforms, Why a Magazine?

We like the etymology of “magazine”, which basically means “a store”. It relies on Selectivity, Relevance, and being in the right place for people with an immediate purpose or need. Our magazine, our store, is curated, and what it offers has value that outlasts messages and news.

What makes being an alumnus different from not being an alumnus is that all alumni have

already earned the opportunity to approach other alumni. People that we find in our magazine

already know that they will share time and insights with any other interested alumni, and they

share their experience in depth in the magazine while inviting people to take the opportunity

to reflect, think hard, and communicate at a substantive level.

We can’t know immediately whether collegiate alumni will rally to produce the next issue; but we think it has the potential to be the best issue yet.

We’re easily contacted through the mail page for the magazine:

Reach out, come in, and take over for a while.

Special Thanks to guest producer Matt Flournoy (West '72)

Posthumous thanks to Sylvia Shortt (West '72), without whom our first year of publication might never have started.

Sylvia was a beloved Humanitarian, Dormie and Co-Founder.

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